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Spring is well on it's way-despite all! So there could be no better time or reason to explore Chelsea, than through the Cremorne Walk; one of the four regular Walks.
If, as they say, you can’t remember the 60s, but want to; (like the Highlights Walk), this is a Walk for you!
Chelsea’s second Pleasure Gardens, ‘Cremorne’, was a riotous parody of Ranelagh. On the site of Offa’s castle no less; with 1000 pound notes, wild tiger-riding ladies (and Whistler to paint them all), it paved the way for the area’s C20 hell raisers-Christine Keeler, Vivienne Westwood, and the Rolling Stones.
In London’s red-hot Bohemian spot for over 200 years, we take in three current, and three ‘disappeared’ pubs, including the Stone’s own Wetherby Arms.
Ninety minutes of delicious cultural and musical morsels await you, as we wend our way to ‘Writer’s Block’; the borough’s own ‘Brill’ building by the bridge; and the typewriter that changed the world, in this, the World’s most fascinating borough!

Arranging a Walk

1 These walks are for groups of 8 or more. If you have a smaller number, don't worry, just follow the instructions 2 and 3 below, and I'll fit you in.

2 I just need to know when you'd like to come, and how many you are. Email me at least 48 hours before, and we'll arrange.

3 After emailed confirmation, simply arrive and pay on the day. Cost: £8 per walker. A beautiful souvenir Walk card is also available.


NB: If the weather is a problem, I'll call and let you know in good time so we can re-arrange - no charge!

For queries, and details of all other Walks available, including bespoke and private Walks, simply email your query to: gary@thechelseawalks.com or call 07500239617.

The Chelsea Dining Club's sixth (CDC6) monthly lunch meet-up is on Sunday 24th March, at 1pm, at The Ram pub; on the corner of Uverdale Road and Burnaby Street (SW10 OPL). This is your chance to meet, eat drink, and 'talk Chelsea', in a relaxed, and altogether Sunday afternoon mode!
The famous Lots Road Auctions, you may have heard of, but have you any idea where the name originates?. Well, join us, and you'll not only discover this, but, if you can make it for 12.30, I'll be leading a free 30 minute taster Walk around 'Cremorne'; the extra-ordinary 'slummy end', of this, the World's most fascinating borough.
Text/call/vmail your RSVP (07500 239 617), asap, and look for The Chelsea Walks table, from where we'll set off at 12.30. If you prefer the meet-eat-drink and talk option, Gill, one of our previous Walkers, has recently produced a DVD of Cremorne Pleasure Gardens. She'll be on hand to entertain and enchant, so come and celebrate Spring (at last!), at CDC6.
See you then, or on any of the four regular Walks
Gary, your Chelsea Walks guide. March 2013
The Mikado. The Tabard Theatre, Chiswick, W.4. (tabardtheatre.co.uk)
What a winner!!. I'd never see the tiny upstairs theatre so packed, and if it was only to have admired the delictate and ingeniously functional Japan'd set, it would have been well worth it.
Players at this space already have a reputation for outstanding vocal performance and choreography, now added to by meticulous stagecraft (and all the fabulous diction needed), to pull off such a G&S tongue-twister as this.
It's the usual whakky G&S yarn. Try to keep up if you feel the need, but if you lose the 'plot' early on, you're reassured you're certifiably sane. Your grinning face will roar approval of the wittily contemporized 'I Have a Little List', and the memorably delivered 'The Sun and I'
The fresh-faced caste belie an extraordinary set of credits, spanning two continents; giving them the confidence of the West End and Broadway. But you don't have to go that far. It's all here, at Chiswick's tiny, but terrific playhouse; a hop, skip and District Line-jump from Sloane Square, until March 17th.
Gary Fahy Copyright 2013
The Chelsea Walks Royal Wedding Celebration 2011!
To celebrate this wonderful occasion, the Chelsea Walks are uniquely offering a month long '2-4-1' deal on all it's 'Weekend Walks', for groups of six walkers or more, from Saturday April 30th inclusive.
To participate, simply book as normal on the Weekend Walks booking page, but be sure to email: gary@thechelseawalks.com, to confirm the number in your group, and which Weekend Walk they will be attending. Pay on the day, as usual-it couldn't be simpler!
The Chelsea Walks wishes Katherine and William every happiness on their wedding day, and for the future.
Gary, your Chelsea Walks guide.

The Famous women of Chelsea Walk May 2011

posted 31 May 2011, 02:47 by gary fahy

‘No. 5’- is here!
Join us in this celebration of the borough’s unique roll call of female pioneers, icons of fashion; icons of design; hugely successful women who chose Chelsea not just as their home, but their inspiration itself.


Film stars and theatrical legends rub shoulders with mistresses and reformers, authors and queens, vintners and seamstresses; from one corner of the borough to the next.


The list is so august, and the detail so eye-poppingly fascinating, this Walk is in two parts; the Part 1 ‘taster’, and Part Two, it’s full-bodied sequel. So whether or not you’ve Chelsea ‘walked’ before, this is a must-do opportunity to discover not only the calamitous potential in a signature, or the hanging gardens of Elystan Street, but who really made Chelsea what it is.


Those ninety minutes of magical morsels await you, in this the World’s most fascinating borough!

The Chelsea Gardens Walk

posted 7 May 2011, 07:35 by gary fahy


The Gardens of Chelsea 2011.


To compliment the Chelsea Flower Show, The Chelsea Walks is delighted to announce its latest Walk: ‘The Gardens of Chelsea’

Between ‘Chelsea’, and the Hampton Court Flower Shows, this is the perfect time of the year to indulge in the delights of Chelsea’s private, and otherwise hidden gardens.


Uniquely, The Chelsea Walks has negotiated access to the borough’s premier garden square, Cadogan Place; where small groups of it’s invited guests (up to 15), are not only being admitted as privileged visitors, but are guided by the Cadogan Estates head gardener, Nicholas Barwick, around the exquisite planting of this historic site.


The Walk will take in Pont Street; it’s origins, architecture, it’s famous female residents,and their extraordinary lives, and will take c.90minutes, followed by the opportunity for lunch/drinks, and to socialize.


To book for yourself, or your party, email: gary@thechelseawalks.com Alternatively, visit the website (thechelseawalks.com), and savour the other regular weekend Walks; booking via the email link provided.


Summer 2011 will be an extraordinary time for London and Chelsea, and we look forward to your sharing it with us, The Chelsea Walks; here, in the World’s most fascinating borough.


We look forward to seeing you all soon,



-your Chelsea Walks guide.

Gary's Blogs

posted 17 Apr 2011, 06:18 by gary fahy   [ updated 5 Dec 2011, 05:51 by Unknown user ]

The Chelsea Walks    April 2011 


There are currently four main Walks; The ‘Highlights’, ‘(Evening) Riverside’, ’Ranelagh,’ ‘Cremorne’.

The Highlights takes in the King’s Road, and is the perfect introduction to the World’s most fascinating borough. Its highlights include The Chelsea Drug Store; Mary Quant’s iconic Chelsea Boutique Bazaar; Judy Garland’s final London home; and the spot where Peter Pan ensured he really would never grow old!

The  Riverside Walk is the perfect corollary to the Highlights Walk, literally starting where the Highlights ends. After discovering the millennial Old Church Street at the heart of the village, and site of the world famous Chelsea Porcelain Works; it offers walkers the birthplace of Southern Plantation culture, and even Ben Franklin’s ‘swimming pool.’


The homes of the rich, and (in)famous, from Thomas More to Keith Richards, Whistler to Wilde; are all set against the bedazzling backdrop of an illuminated Albert Bridge; unquestionably the most beautiful of all London’s bridges.


The ‘Cremorne’ and ‘Ranelagh’ Walks each focus on Chelsea’s unique share in hosting the two most famous of London’s three 18th and 19thC. Pleasure Gardens; from the ultra-sophisticated Ranelagh, to it’s riotous parody, Cremorne.


Jaw-dropping fact and anecdote, are more than matched by the people, places and events surrounding them. Walkers can look forward to riveting tales of child protégé Mozart, the Chelsea Bun-guzzling Hannoverians, and the ‘whispering’ ball-gowns of the Rotunda. Even the secluded, secret love nest of the ‘Gone with the Wind’ heroine, is close at hand.


As if all this was not enough, bespoke walks, on topics to order, can include ‘60s Chelsea-heart of Swinging London; the tragic lives of Chelsea’s children’s authors; it’s musicians, actors, artists, and, the almost unbelievable role-call, of it’s legendary women. You simply choose your topic/area of interest, and the design follows!
Once you've been on one, you'll want to return for the other three, and more! So why not visit the Weekend Walks page?. Simply choose a Walk, and register for any weekend till the end of September. Confirmation of your place will follow, and you simply pay on the day. You You, and your friends could easily complete all four Walks over the Summer season, while enjoying their unique opportunities to eat, drink and socialise, in the World's most fascinating borough.
See you Saturday!
Gary-your Chelsea guide.

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