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posted 17 Apr 2011, 06:18 by gary fahy   [ updated 5 Dec 2011, 05:51 by Unknown user ]

The Chelsea Walks    April 2011 


There are currently four main Walks; The ‘Highlights’, ‘(Evening) Riverside’, ’Ranelagh,’ ‘Cremorne’.

The Highlights takes in the King’s Road, and is the perfect introduction to the World’s most fascinating borough. Its highlights include The Chelsea Drug Store; Mary Quant’s iconic Chelsea Boutique Bazaar; Judy Garland’s final London home; and the spot where Peter Pan ensured he really would never grow old!

The  Riverside Walk is the perfect corollary to the Highlights Walk, literally starting where the Highlights ends. After discovering the millennial Old Church Street at the heart of the village, and site of the world famous Chelsea Porcelain Works; it offers walkers the birthplace of Southern Plantation culture, and even Ben Franklin’s ‘swimming pool.’


The homes of the rich, and (in)famous, from Thomas More to Keith Richards, Whistler to Wilde; are all set against the bedazzling backdrop of an illuminated Albert Bridge; unquestionably the most beautiful of all London’s bridges.


The ‘Cremorne’ and ‘Ranelagh’ Walks each focus on Chelsea’s unique share in hosting the two most famous of London’s three 18th and 19thC. Pleasure Gardens; from the ultra-sophisticated Ranelagh, to it’s riotous parody, Cremorne.


Jaw-dropping fact and anecdote, are more than matched by the people, places and events surrounding them. Walkers can look forward to riveting tales of child protégé Mozart, the Chelsea Bun-guzzling Hannoverians, and the ‘whispering’ ball-gowns of the Rotunda. Even the secluded, secret love nest of the ‘Gone with the Wind’ heroine, is close at hand.


As if all this was not enough, bespoke walks, on topics to order, can include ‘60s Chelsea-heart of Swinging London; the tragic lives of Chelsea’s children’s authors; it’s musicians, actors, artists, and, the almost unbelievable role-call, of it’s legendary women. You simply choose your topic/area of interest, and the design follows!
Once you've been on one, you'll want to return for the other three, and more! So why not visit the Weekend Walks page?. Simply choose a Walk, and register for any weekend till the end of September. Confirmation of your place will follow, and you simply pay on the day. You You, and your friends could easily complete all four Walks over the Summer season, while enjoying their unique opportunities to eat, drink and socialise, in the World's most fascinating borough.
See you Saturday!
Gary-your Chelsea guide.