The Cremorne Walk

If, as they say, you can’t remember the 60s, but want to; like the Highlights Walk, this is a Walk for you! 
Chelsea’s second Pleasure Gardens, ‘Cremorne’, was a riotous parody of Ranelagh. On the site of Offa’s castle no less; with 1000 pound notes, wild tiger-riding ladies (and Whistler to paint them all),  it paved the way for the area’s C20 hell raisers-Christine Keeler,  Vivienne Westwood,  and the Rolling Stones.
In London’s red-hot Bohemian spot for over 200 years, we take in three current, and three ‘disappeared’ pubs,  including the Stone’s own Wetherby Arms.
Ninety minutes of delicious cultural and musical morsels await you, as we wend our way to ‘Writer’s Block’; the borough’s own ‘Brill’ building by the bridge; and the typewriter that changed the world, in this, the World’s most fascinating borough!