The Ranelagh Walk

The Chelsea Ranelagh Walk, is your opportunity to savour the borough’s kaleidoscopic delights; starting at the remarkable Duke of York’s Square, and on to Sloane Square, where Peter Pan ensured he would never grow old… 

We’re seeking out food; in the famous Chelsea Bun: ‘a zephyr in paste, and sweeter to taste’; gorged by King George, and almost certainly the precocious six year old Mozart.


‘Wolfing’ Wolfgang was employed at the breathtaking Ranelagh Gardens, and we take in the site and scene that was London’s most refined pleasure ground for over half a century.


Vivienne Leigh and Lawrence Olivier have a little surprise for us, that Trollope tries hard to trump; on our return to the 16 mile long ‘King’s’ Road (which we no longer need the monarch’s permission to tread) and tea, with those Chelsea buns; to complete a perfect 90 minutes in the world’s most fascinating borough.


Join Chelsea-born Gary, for this unforgettable exploration.