The Riverside Walk

The ‘Riverside’ Walk is the perfect corollary to the Highlights, in the heart of the old village, among the homes of the rich and (in)famous. 

The borough-birthplace of Southern Plantation culture, the secret, secluded love nest of ‘Gone With The Wind’ heroine, even Ben Franklin’s ‘swimming pool’ suggests an English village, with a distinctly American heart-beat.

The White House home of Chelsea’s most celebrated American resident, set back from the exquisite backdrop of the Albert Bridge; unquestionably the most beautiful of all London’s bridges.

Ninety minutes of sheer delight await you, from Tudor to Turner, Whistler to Westwood, Betjeman to the Beatles, when Your guide, Chelsea-born Gary, unfolds it’s peerless parade of people, places and events, that literally shape the 21st century, in this, the world’s most fascinating borough.